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My annual report

Select the chapters you want to combine in one pdf document with this tool. Press the button ‘Generate my report’ at the bottom of the page to download your tailor-made report. Thinking of printing your download? Our ecoscore indicator shows your level eco-friendliness, related to the number of pages you selected.

Report of the Board of Directors
Balance sheet and income statement
Auditor’s report
Main risks and uncertainties
Main events during the financial year
Main events after the financial year
Investing in innovation
Key features of the company’s internal controls and risk management systems
Auditing of the company
Shareholder structure and cross-shareholdings
Notes on the balance sheet
Notes on the income statement
Proposal to the General Meeting
Corporate Governance Statement

Aquafin mission

To develop reliable waste water and stormwater management, tailored to our customers’ requirements, with respect for those around us and the environment.