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Annual report 2012

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Aquafin works each day to ensure clean water in streams and rivers.  Our focus today is not merely on the treatment and the optimal transport of domestic wastewater. For our customers, we also wish to contribute in a broader sense to clean water solutions.  In the previous year, we continued with the implementation of our strategic plan and have now fully oriented the organisation towards the customer. The initial results can be clearly seen. We have already achieved our targets for the procurement and delivery of projects for the Flemish region. We have also had excellent wastewater treatment results, given the heavy rainfall during the year. Furthermore, we are the only operator in the commercial market that managed to increase the number of municipal customers last year. In the medium term, we want to offer new products to the region as well as to our municipal customers, aimed at adapting to the changing climate in Flanders.

Aquafin mission

To develop reliable waste water and stormwater management, tailored to our customers’ requirements, with respect for those around us and the environment.